About Forex Investor

Who we are?

We are professionals in the first place. People who stand behind Forex Investor are all experienced and successful Forex traders, who have been in the stock market for decades. Our mission is to share all secrets with our readers and help them to become as successful as we are. We think it is a noble goal.
We are also people who love our business and people who find Forex trading is very interesting and amusing. It is the challenge after all.
In the old days, the stock market was reserved only for the chosen ones. Foreign exchange market has changed this and it is now accessible to anyone.
However, not all people are successful in this highly risky business. Because of this, we advise you to join our community and learn everything that can be learned about Forex trading system.


Forex Investor was launched as a product of our desire to educate people. We know how it is a difficult and complex job, especially for beginners. We all had someone beside us and someone who was willing to teach us. This is our payback to those people. The same as they helped us, and we now want to help you to avoid mistakes and troubles on your path.
And remember: you cannot win if you don’t know the basic rules of the game. We know all of them. So, start trading and earn big!