Finstead – A Unique Investment Tool

Finstead is an investment research site. It simplifies complex investment information about stocks into signals that can be easily understood by retail investors, and arms investors with powerful insight, so they can be better informed about investment opportunities.

Investment research app Finstead launched last month with a goal to help small investors do a better job at selecting stocks. Finstead is a story of a married couple who burned themselves investing in stocks such as Webvan and Transmeta based on “Mad Money” and analyst recommendations. Because of this experience, they decided to start Finstead and help the little guy, who doesn’t invest for living, do more thorough research before placing his or her bets. Here are some highlights of what Finstead offers:

1. Stock Outlook:  Users can check out the latest perspectives on stocks they are following.  Finstead summarizes all opinions on individual stocks from the blogosphere, professional and retail investors, and presents a summarized outlook on a given security to users.  Stocks with higher outlook scores have been recommended by investors and analysts with great performance records.

2.  Top Stock Ideas: View the stocks that have been chosen by the most successful investors.  Finstead collects ideas from the blogosphere and professional investor community, and updates the list on a daily basis.  Use the list as a start for stock ideas to invest in, but do your thorough research before placing your bets.

3.  Top Investor List:  Finstead grades all investors, analysts, bloggers and Finstead users based on the success of their stock recommendations.  The top investor chart shows who the winners are, accounting for both short and long-term performance.  Users can track those investors and get their most recent recommendations if they subscribe to Finstead.

Users can personalize Finstead for their own needs, track stocks and investors they are interested in, and write up their own opinions about individual securities. Finstead monitors users’ performance and lets them know how they did.  I definitely recommend you give Finstead a try—it’s a unique investment tool that can help you make better decisions and stay on top of what’s going on in investment research.